NHS Transitional Executive Forum

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum has been established to oversee the transition to the new health and care system. It provides oversight of both NHS operational delivery and development of the future NHS system.

It is responsible both for the day-to-day running of the NHS and the transition to the new system.

NHS Transitional Executive Forum responsibilities include:

  • assuring that the new NHS system is being implemented effectively and coherently.
  • assuring that the NHS arrangements work as an integrated system.
  • assuring that the future NHS interact effectively as part of the wider health and social care system.
  • assuring that current NHS structures transition safely to the new system.
  • reviewing and signing off top level structure designs for the NHS component organisations.
  • providing strategic direction and leadership for managing the transition across the system.
  • providing oversight and assurance over strategic, financial and people decisions required for the transition, ensuring the right resources are retained and deployed within the system.
  • ensuring all SHA transition plans are aligned, assured and deliver successfully including transitioning systems, people and budgets to Local government, and the wider Public Health system.

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum is supported by two formal sub-committees: The NHS Operations Executive and The NHS Future System Executive.

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum members

  • Chief Executive of the National Health Service in England –  Chair
  • Chief Executive for NHS Midlands and East
  • Chief Executive for NHS North of England
  • Chief Executive for NHS South of England
  • Chief Executive for NHS London
  • Medical Director
  • Nursing Director
  • Managing Director of the NHS Commissioning Board
  • National Director for Improvement and Efficiency
  • NHS Finance and Performance Director General and Deputy NHS Chief Executive
  • National Managing Director of Commissioning Development
  • Managing Director for NHS Social Care & Workforce
  • Chief of Staff for the NHS Chief Executive
  • Director of NHS Communications
  • Director General for Social Care, and Senior Responsible Officer for Local Government transition
  • Managing Director for Public Health England
  • Senior Responsible Officer for the Transition Programme
  • Director of the Transition Programme

Frequency of meetings

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum will meet on a monthly basis until by the end of March 2013 when it will cease to exist.


Summaries of meetings

Summaries of meetings are usually made available within three months of each meeting. These documents summarise proceedings from the scheduled meetings of the NHS Transitional Executive Forum.

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