National Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care

Professor Matthew Cooke was appointed as the Department of Health’s National Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care in January 2010.Matthew Cooke

  • provides: strategic direction and input to emergency care services
  • ensures: research into care and emergency sytems is undertaken and that care quality standards are maintained and improved
  • contributes: advice and guidance at home and abroad on emergency medicine and waiting time reduction
  • is responsible for: implementing the recommendations from the NHS Next Stage Review

About Professor Martin Cooke: Matthew is Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Emergency Care and Systems Improvement Group at the University of Warwick Medical School.  He is also an emergency medical consultant at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust in Birmingham.

He has undertaken a wide range of research in emergency medicine including trials of the treatment of injuries and research into how emergency care should be organised.

Matthew was recently the regional clinical lead for the NHS Next Stage Review and was the Emergency Medicine Advisor to the Department of Health between 2000 and 2007, when he advised on key developments in the NHS emergency care system.

He has worked with the National Audit Office, Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit and the Healthcare Commission, and has advised many overseas emergency care systems on reducing waiting times and improving quality of care.

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