Hospital Estates and Facilities Statistics 2010/11

The Department has published information relating to hospital estates and facilities for 2010-11. This covers issues such as accommodation available within the NHS in relation to the size of the estate, quality of its buildings, single bedroom provision as well as hospital food and cleaning.

The main findings, that have attracted interest historically in the media and from Parliament, are:

  • the proportion of beds which are single bedrooms now stands at 36.4 per cent, a significant increase from 32.7 per cent in 2009-10
  • data on the proportion of single bedrooms that have full en-suite facilities was collected for the first time in the 2010-11 collection. This recorded that 52.5% of all single bedrooms had full en-suite facilities, a total of 29,794 bedrooms
  • the total size of the NHS estate grew by 2% as compared to 2009-10 whereas total site land area, which includes all buildings, grounds and gardens decreased by 1%
  • costs for food and cleaning services also increased
  • direct costs of the NHS estate are £7.1 billion making it one of the largest expenditure item along with staff costs and drugs

Further information on the statistical data, together with a link to the Information Centre website,  is available here.

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