Mortality Monitoring Bulletin – update to include data for 2010

Statistical data has been published to include the latest available three-year average figures for life expectancy, all-age-all-cause mortality rates and rates for selected specific causes of death relating to cancer, circulatory diseases, suicides and accidents.

The  key findings are:

  • life expectancy at birth in England has continued to increase for both males and females, reaching 78.4 and 82.4 years respectively in 2008-10
  • mortality rates from cancer and circulatory diseases have continued to decline
  • mortality rate from suicide and injury of undetermined intent fell by 15%
  • there has been little change in the England mortality rate from accidents since 1999-01
  • although life expectancy is improving in the areas which had the worst health and deprivation, both the absolute and relative gaps in female life expectancy as a whole increased between 1999-01 and 2008-10. For male life expectancy the absolute and relative gaps were broadly unchanged over the same period.

More information is available in the Mortality Monitoring Bulletin. The Department is going to review the format and content of this bulletin before the next annual update in order to account of the indicators in the Transparency section of Business Plan for 2011-15 and the forthcoming Public Health Outcomes Framework.

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