Health and wellbeing boards

Health and wellbeing boards will be a forum for local commissioners across the NHS, public health and social care, elected representatives, and representatives of HealthWatch to discuss how to work together to better the health and wellbeing outcomes of the people in their area.

By involving democratically elected representatives and patient representatives, and bringing them together with local commissioners across health, public health, and social care; we will significantly strengthen the democratic legitimacy of commissioning decisions, as well as providing a forum for challenge, discussion, and the involvement of local people.

The Future Forum’s report fully supports the principles and development of health and wellbeing boards, as a vehicle for local government to work in partnership with commissioning groups to develop robust joint health and wellbeing strategies, which will in turn set the local framework for commissioning of health care, social care and public health.

Following the NHS Future Forum, health and wellbeing boards will have a stronger role in driving a genuinely collaborative approach to commissioning across health and social care.

We are supporting the efforts of local partners by bringing together early implementers in a learning network, focusing on sharing the lessons about what works.

The level of take-up in the early implementer network – 138 of 152 top-tier authorities – shows the appetite in local government to take on the strengthened leadership role which is at the heart of the Government’s vision for health and care.


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