Public Health Responsibility Deal monitoring templates

We have published the monitoring templates for the Public Health Responsibility Deal.

The Public Health Responsibility Deal has been established to tap into the potential for businesses and other organisations to improve public health.  As Responsibility Deal partners, organisations commit to take action to improve public health through pledges covering food, alcohol, physical activity and health at work.  The Responsibility Deal is open to any organisation that can commit to deliver on at least one of the Deal’s collective pledge.  Full details of the sign up requirements are available here. Organisations can sign up to the Responsibility Deal online.

As part of the agreed monitoring process for the Responsibility Deal, partners will be asked to submit annual updates on their progress to the Department of Health.  The Responsibility Deal networks have developed the monitoring templates published here to guide partners in completing annual updates on their Responsibility Deal activity, for publication on the Responsibility Deal website.

All partners will shortly be asked to complete the first section of the template – Summary of Pledge Delivery Plans – for each pledge they have signed up to.  The remaining sections of the template will be completed by the end of April each year.

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