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Confirmation of Payment by Results (PbR) arrangements for 2011-12

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    Department of Health
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    18 February 2011
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From the links below you will be able to access information and guidance in support of Payment by Results in 2011-12.

The road-testing of the 2011-12 tariff and draft guidance concluded on 21 January 2011. Details of the small number of changes that have been made to some of the prices and exclusions lists that we released at road-test are contained in the letter from David Flory.

The 2011-12 PbR guidance has been clarified and expanded in a number of areas, in response to feedback received at road-test.

PbR operational guidance and tariffs

Since the final 2011-12 package was published on 18 February, there have been a small number of changes to the tariff information spreadsheet and the guidance.

Details of the changes to both the guidance and the tariff information spreadsheet are set out in the amendment document available below.

The University of York, Centre for Health Economics report: 'Estimating the costs of specialised care

The Centre for Health Economics (CHE) at the University of York was commissioned by the Department to develop further the methodology used to inform specialised service top-ups policy. This note summarises the report published by CHE and explains  the policy decisions that have been made regarding specialist top-ups for the 2011-12 tariff.

Mental health PbR

Mental Health Clustering Booklet for 2011-12

The Mental Health Clustering Booklet has undergone its annual update. There have been minor changes to wording in response to clinical feedback. Also, the booklet now contains Care Transition Protocols for each cluster. Their use is encouraged as they are intended to improve the accuracy of cluster allocation which will improve the overall functioning of the clinical and currency model.
The care transition protocols will be further developed and refined over the next year. In the meantime, please note that the local discharge criteria are editable in order to meet your local requirements.

HRG4 2011-12 Local Payment Grouper

The local Payment Grouper is now available on the Information Centre's website. This is available at the following link

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