Provision of support to the National Forum of People with Learning Difficulties – EOI (PQQ)

The Coalition Government is committed to improving outcomes for people with learning disabilities and the vision of inclusion and equality set out in Valuing People Now published by the previous government in January 2009.

A key aim of Valuing People Now is to put people with learning disabilities and the families who care for them, in the driving seat with greater choice and control and able to contribute to and influence decisions which affect their lives.

The National Forum of People with Learning Difficulties has a regional network and membership of the National Learning Disability Programme Board, chaired by Paul Burstow, Minister for Care Services. In this way, Ministers and the Board understand the issues and challenges that people with learning disabilities and their families and carers face. This tender is for support for the National Forum. The National Forum does not provide its own organisational support for its work.

This work includes financial management, website management, organising regular national events, supporting regional organisation, and supporting policy groups in carrying out their work and producing papers, presentations and DVDs.

This procurement is being run as a RESTRICTED OJEU PROCESS. All those interested may respond to the advertisement by tendering for the contract but timescales are as described in the documents.

For more details go to tenders electronic daily.

PQQ return date 12noon 16 September 2011.

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