Outcome definitions agreed for drugs recovery pilot bids

Detailed definitions that should be used in measuring outcomes from pilots relating to the Drug and Alcohol Payment by Results initiative have been agreed and finalised.  These have resulted from successful partnership working between Central Government, the pilot areas, experts from the field and wider comments from the sector. There are detailed definitions for the following high level outcomes:

  • free from drug(s) of dependence
  • offending
  • health and wellbeing

It was originally hoped to include an employment outcome.  However, following feedback from the sector and discussion as part of the partnership process this was removed.  We continue to recognise that employment support is essential in supporting recovery.  To deliver this, recovery providers will build links across to the Work Programme locally.  This will help ensure that those who have reached a point where they can benefit the most from employment support are able to access the Work Programme if appropriate.

With the outcome domains finalised, each pilot site has provided a progress update report summarising any development in their vision during co-design. These will be updated on a monthly basis and will outline the key actions for achieving the vision.

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