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The National Child Measurement Programme – guidance documents and template letters

  • Last modified date:
    25 November 2011

Guidance for PCTs: 2011/12

This guidance has been developed following wide consultation with primary care trusts (PCTs), schools and parents. It provides advice to PCTs on:

  • arrangements for measuring the height and weight of primary and middle school children as part of the National Child Measurement Programme;
  • sending parents their child’s results – whether routinely or on a request-only basis; and
  • submitting data to the NHS Information Centre for inclusion in the national database.

Guidance for schools for 2011/12

This sets out information for primary and middle schools on the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). It explains the purpose of the programme and what schools can do to support the programme. It also provides details of additional material, which might be helpful for explaining the NCMP to children and parents/carer

Parental Feedback Tool and Results Letter for 2011/12

This letter is designed to be used when sending NCMP results to parents. The letter should be used with the Parental Feedback Tool, available via the link below. Once you have entered height and weight data into the tool, letters can be mail merged so that the blank fields will be populated with each child’s details. Full guidance for using the Tool is available at the link below.

Template letters

Letter to parents of children unable to be weighed and measured unaided

This letter can be sent to parents of a child who is unable to participate in the NCMP because they are unable to stand unaided to have their height and weight measured. The letter can be edited as needed to meet local needs.

Letter to primary care practioners

PCTs can use this letter to send to GP practices in their area to help raise awarenesss of the National Childhood Measurement Programme.

Guidance for analysis by PCTs and public health observatories

The National Obesity Observatory has, on behalf of the The Department’s Obesity Team, produced a guidance document for Primary Care Trusts and Public Health Observatories that want to undertake regional and local analysis of the National Child Measurement Programme 2007/08 national dataset. The guidance includes information and a template letter for providing feedback of results to schools. PHOs and PCTs should liaise closely to discuss what analysis would be useful for local areas and prevent duplication of any analysis.

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