An archive of diaries written by staff at the British Antarctic Survey's Halley research station.

February 2001 - Final thoughts before leaving Halley

December 2000 - A time of transformation

November 2000 - New faces, fresh food, and a backlog of mail

October 2000 - The month of transition: The moon, Scrabble, The Hinge Zone, snowscapes and cloudscapes.

September 2000 - Blowing snow, cabin fever, work and science, and a notable quote from Nansen, the Norwegian explorer.

August 2000 - Longer days, night watch and a video of the emperor penguin colony close to Halley.

July 2000 - The winter season; the engines that power the station, and the work of the meteorologists. Three contributions from Halley.

June 2000 - Celebrating midwinter, maintaining the station structure, and feeding the hungry!

May 2000 - Emperor penguins, the upper atmosphere, women in the Antarctic, and winter activities at Halley

April 2000 - Sundown, the aurora, drum raising and an introduction to the Technical Team

March 2000 - The excitement of a field trip to the hinge zone of the Brunt Ice Shelf

February 2000 - The first Halley diary of the millennium

This was the personal diary written during 2000 by Lil Ng the Halley Doctor, with additional contributions from her colleagues at Halley. Lil has now moved on from Halley.