European Strategic Action Plan on antibiotic resistance published

The UK government, along with other European Union member states, has agreed this new World Health Organization (WHO) initiative on antibiotic resistance in recognition that ‘together we will have greater impact’.

The European strategic action plan on antibiotic resistance 2011-2016 recognises that antibiotic resistant bacteria do not stop at national boundaries and it is vital to:

  • share information
  • develop effective interventions to prevent and slow down the development of multi-resistant bacteria
  • work together to stimulate the development of new drugs and diagnostics

The recommendations of the Action Plan include:

  • strengthening surveillance of antibiotic resistance
  • promoting prudent prescribing
  • strengthening infection control
  • promoting innovation and research on new drugs and technology
  • improving patient awareness to develop an integrated approach

All European countries are expected to bolster a whole range of activities to tackle antibiotic resistance under a resolution passed by the European Regional Committee of the WHO.


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