Consultation on cancer of unknown primary and community skin measures

A draft version of the cancer of unknown primary measures and the community skin cancer measures are being issued today for a three month consultation by stakeholders.

The purpose of this consultation is not to reopen the extensive consultation on the guidance, but rather to invite comments on the contents of the draft measures, for example:

  • is the wording of each quality measure clear?
  • what additional, if any, supplementary guidance on the quality measure is required?
  • are there any important gaps?

The measures included in the manual for cancer services identify characteristics of services that should help those involved in planning, commissioning, organising and providing cancer services to identify gaps in provision, and to support the quality assurance of services enabling quality improvements.  The development of cancer measures is an ongoing process and reflects NICE quality standards and clinical guidelines and revisions to existing NICE guidance.

The draft cancer of unknown primary measures reflects the NICE clinical guideline CG104: Diagnosis and management of metastatic malignant disease of unknown primary origin, July 2010.

Draft cancer of unknown primary measures for the manual of cancer services letter

Cancer of unknown primary measures and ancer of unknown primary measures proforma

The draft revised community skin measures reflect the NICE Improving outcomes for people with skin tumours including melanoma (update). The management of low-risk basal cell carcinomas in the community.

Draft revised community skin cancer measures for the manual of cancer services letter

Draft revised skin community measures and skin consultation proforma

To achieve the target of publishing the measures by early 2011 the receipt of any responses in advance of the 14 March 2012 deadline is appreciated.

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