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Staff experience

The experiences of NHS staff matter.

Increasing evidence shows that there is a clear relationship between staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction - It is not possible to provide the highest quality of care for patients without a high quality workforce where the staff can really make a difference.

Research shows that engaged and empowered staff not only generate better outcomes for patients but there are clear benefits in terms of clinical quality and business benefits, such as lower levels of sickness absence and greater productivity.

Through measuring the views and opinions of staff through the annual NHS staff survey, insight can be gained into how the experiences of staff relate to and affect the bigger picture. Examples of the ways some Trusts have tackled this are provided on the NHS staff survey pages below.

Now is a time where the experience of staff working in the NHS is more important than ever. By working to improve staff experience, organisations can not only honour the commitments set out in the NHS Constitution but also contribute to the goals set out in The NHS White Paper; to put patients first, to improve patient outcomes and to empower clinicians to innovate, with the freedom to focus on improving healthcare services.

For more detail on the research and ways in which staff experience can be improved within your organisation, please see other sections.

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