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Enhanced Services

GPs are contracted to provide core (essential and additional) services to their patients.  The extra services they can provide on top of these are called Enhanced Services.

Enhanced services plug a gap in essential services or deliver higher than specified standards, with the aim of helping PCTs reduce demand on secondary care. Enhanced services expand the range of services to meet local need, improve convenience and extend choice.  

The Department of Health commissions and updates enhanced services. Each year, where new priorities for new services to be delivered by GP practices are identified, these can be commissionsed, either through national contractual change or primary care service frameworks to support PCTs in local commissioning. The Primary Care Commissioning website explains this in greater detail.

There are three types of enhanced service:

- Directed Enhanced Services (DES) - must be provided or commissioned by the PCT for its population
- Local Enhanced Services (LES) - locally developed services designed to meet local health needs
- National Enhanced Services (NES) - services to meet local needs, commissioned to national specifications and benchmark pricing.

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