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  • Last modified date:
    15 July 2011

Twenty pilot sites have been selected from the personal health budgets pilot for an in-depth study, as part of a wider evaluation exploring the potential of personal health budgets to benefit different groups of people. The personal health budgets evaluation is being conducted by a partnership between existing research groups at three institutions, collectively referred to as PHBE.  PHBE is led by the personal social services research unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent. The pilot programme will run until 2012, and interim evaluation reports will be issued at regular inyervals.

Pilot evaluation proposal

The full proposal for the evaluation of the personal health budgets pilot is available to read here. A summary version is also available

Interim evaluation reports on the personal health budgets pilot programme

Early experiences of implementing personal health budgets, published by PHBE on 15 July 2010, is based on interviews with project leads and highlights some of the challenges the pilot sites face and how they are beginning to overcome these.

Published 23 November 2010

Experiences of implementing personal health budgets’, published by PHBE on 23 November 2010, focuses on the views of operational staff, health professionals, commissioning managers and third party budget holders around the implementation of personal health budgets within the 20 in-depth pilot sites

Third interim evaluation report about personal health budgets published

Published:15 July 2011

The cost of implementing personal health budgets’, published by PHBE on 15 July 2011, looks at set-up costs involved for the 20 in-depth evaluated pilot sites to implement personal health budgets. Costs examined include project management, system development, workforce development and support planning and brokerage.

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The personal health budgets team is working with a wide range of people to develop the programme. We want to hear from anyone who would like to share their experiences in this area and get involved. You can get in touch via the mailbox:

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Visit our online Learning Network for people involved in the pilots, and anyone who is interested in contributing to the development of personal health budgets.

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