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Personal health budgets: publications

  • Last modified date:
    8 July 2010

Understanding personal health budgets: introductory information for people who want to know about personal health budgets

This leaflet should help commissioners, professionals and suport organisations introduce the idea of a personal health budget to people. It also contains answers to the most common questions we have been asked and provides details of further sources of information.

Personal health budgets: understanding the implications for staff

This guide has been developed in consultation with the Social Partnership Forum and sets out some of the key questions for pilot sites involved in personal health budgets to consider to ensure that personalised care can be delivered by well paid, well trained and motivated staff. It is a starting point for local discussion and outlines some of the main areas where there are likely to be concerns and provides sources of further information.

Revised Equality Impact Assessment: personal health budgets pilot programme

This document is a revision to the Equality Impact Assessment that was initially undertaken for the personal health budgets pilot programme. It reflects further information that has come to light, and provides detail of how some of the risks and issues highlighted will be dealt with. This document will continue to be revised during the pilot programme, as more information becomes available.

Personal health budgets: first steps

In 2009 the Department published ‘Personal health budgets: first steps’. This document sets out the principles of personal health budgets and reports on early lessons.

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Contact us (opens new window)

The personal health budgets team is working with a wide range of people to develop the programme. We want to hear from anyone who would like to share their experiences in this area and get involved. You can get in touch via the mailbox:

Learning network (opens new window)

Visit our online Learning Network for people involved in the pilots, and anyone who is interested in contributing to the development of personal health budgets.

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