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Management of HIV-infected healthcare workers - a paper for consultation

  • Launch date:
    1 December 2011
  • Closing date:
    9 March 2012
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
  • Copyright holder:
  • Publication format:
    A4 electronic only
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The national guidance which presently restricts healthcare workers infected with HIV from performing invasive clinical procedures, known as exposure prone procedures, has been reviewed by a joint working group of the Expert Advisory Group on AIDS; the UK Advisory Panel for Healthcare Workers Infected with Blood-borne Viruses and the Advisory Group on Hepatitis.

This consultation paper seeks views on recommendations from the working group for changes to the current policy on HIV-infected healthcare workers.

The working group’s report is being published alongside this consultation paper, together with a consultation impact assessment and a draft equality analysis, which will be reviewed in the light of the consultation responses.

Please note the attached Impact Assessment is a scanned document and has not been tagged for accessibility. If you require an accessible version please email

Responding to this consultation

The questions for consultation are listed in Appendix ii of the consultation paper, which also provides more details about the consultation process.

You can send your written comments, using the template in Appendix ii, to the HIV Healthcare Worker Consultation by email, via the online reply form or by post to:

  • Contact:
    HIV Healthcare Worker consultation team
  • Address:
    Department of Health, Room 531
    Wellington House
    133-155 Waterloo Road
    London SE1 8UG

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