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The seasonal influenza immunisation programme. Consultation: a review of the procurement of seasonal vaccine

  • Launch date:
    25 May 2011
  • Closing date:
    17 August 2011
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
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This consultation is now closed

The Government is considering the introduction of central procurement of seasonal vaccine. The consultation seeks views on these proposals



'We welcome the launch of the consultation on procurement of seasonal flu vaccine as we believe significant improvements could be made to the current system, potentially leading to better availability of vaccine and cost savings. The consultation will run for three months. The timeline for its publication has been determined by the planning cycle for winter flu.

During the consultation period the Department will proactively seek feedback from relevant external partners including professional bodies such as the BMA and RCGP, vaccine manufacturers, vaccine storage and distribution companies, health charities, GPs and health and social care professionals.'
The Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Secretary of State for Health


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