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Fit for Work Scheme Programme Director

  • Last modified date:
    27 August 2009

The Department of Health is looking to procure a programme director to manage the Fit for Work Pilot.  The Department is looking for a contractor who has considerable knowledge and experience of the healthcare system and also employment systems.  They must also be able to work with a number of key partners including local authorities.  

The procurement will be a two-stage procurement, initially inviting interest via a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).  Interested providers will then be assessed in line with the information provided in this document and as a result, the Department will identify a shortlist of potential providers who will be invited to submit a tender document. 

Interested organisations are asked to download further information about the procurement, including the PQQ, from BMS, the Department's e-Tendering portal using reference 53517.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 14 September 2009 at 12 noon

Further information can be obtained from:

If you require assistance accessing the documents or using the Department's e-Tendering portal, please call

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    Supplier helpdesk
  • Phone:
    0113 254 5777

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