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National Stakeholder Forum

  • Last modified date:
    23 December 2010

The National Stakeholder Forum is a group of senior leaders and experts from all parts of the healthcare, social care and public health systems.

The Forum aims to provide rapid, frank feedback and early advice on emerging policy. Working with Ministers and the Department of Health, it takes a long-term, strategic view in supporting development and implementation of policies in health and care outcomes for the people of England.

The Forum is led by the Secretary of State for Health and suported by the full Ministerial team and the Department’s senior leadership. Membership, fixed for a term of two years initially, is by personal invitiation from the Secretary of State. The Forum’s membership is attached below.

Scheduled meetings are held twice yearly with additional meetings as required, some being held jointly with other Department of Health networks, such as the Third Sector Strategic Partners.

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