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DH Advisory Non-Departmental Public Bodies (ANDPBs)

  • Last modified date:
    15 October 2010

Advisory NDPBs are not an integral part of a government department and carry out their work at arm's length from Ministers, although Ministers are ultimately responsible to Parliament for the activities of these bodies.  They provide independent, expert advice to Ministers on a wide range of issues.

The ANDPBs are listed in full below, with links to their web sites. The ANDPBs are grouped according their future as determined by the Departmental review of Advisory Non-Departmental Public Bodies (ANDPBs), announced on 14 October 2010.

Abolish and replace with a stakeholder advisory group

Abolish body and transfer statutory functions to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and obtain some advice currently provided by NIGB from within the Department of Health or other bodies

Abolish and transfer some functions to new research regulator

Abolish body. Functions have been transferred to other bodies

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