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National Leadership Council

Vision: Outstanding leadership at every level of the NHS.

Introduction to the National Leadership Council (NLC)

The National Leadership Council (NLC) supports and strengthens outstanding leadership within the NHS. It is made up of council members, fellows and patrons who collectively aim to bring world-class leadership to every level of the NHS.

The NLC was set up to underpin and champion the priority attached to leadership in the NHS. It aims to ensure that the NHS system supports and fosters effective leadership, and to challenge where it does not.

The Council is responsible for ensuring that the NHS has a systematic way of identifying and developing the leaders of today and tomorrow. It works to support world-class leadership talent and leadership development and to ensure that this exists at every level of the NHS.


The NLC is a sub-committee of the NHS Management Board and is chaired by the NHS Chief Executive David Nicholson.

The NLC has 28 Core Members, 6 Patrons and 11 Fellows. The Core Members are supported by six Patrons who are renowned national and international leadership experts. The NLC also draws on the significant expertise of a Faculty of 11 Fellows, which has been created to support the Council.


The Council has identified five priority areas for NHS leadership with specific workstreams set up to focus on each. These areas are: Clinical Leadership, Board Development, NHS Top Leaders, Inclusion and Emerging Leaders.

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