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Modernising Scientific Careers

  • Last modified date:
    24 January 2011

Modernising Scientific Careers

Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC), led by the Chief Scientific Officer, is a key work programme within the Department of Health designed to ensure flexibility, sustainability and modern career pathways for the healthcare science workforce, fit to address the needs of future NHS.  MSC will provide a career framework for healthcare science professionals by providing an education and training programme that is clear and coherent – enabling individuals to move throughout healthcare science over their career without being sidelined and avoiding risk of career dead ends.  MSC will also provide a set of education and training standards for the whole of healthcare science that can be owned by the professionals who developed them.

MSC will enable patients to receive safer care, faster diagnoses closer to home and faster entry to the correct care pathway, and access to up to date innovative scientific services. 

For the NHS, MSC will enable saving in pre-qualification education costs and workforce costs, consistent standards and learning outcomes matched with service, clinical patient facing roles for scientists, securing a sufficient supply of appropriately trained staff, delivery of the public health agenda and better strategic planning with higher education institutions.

Following the launch in spring 2010 of both the four-countries policy document Modernising Scientific Careers: The UK Way Forward, and Modernising Scientific Careers: The England Action Plan, the programme is now in its implementation phase across SHAs and Trusts.

Monthly e-bulletin, MSC Matters

For regular updates on the implementation of MSC, we are producing a monthly e-bulletin, MSC Matters

The latest issue is available here:

MSC roadshows

SHAs recently hosted a series of MSC roadshows for the service.

Get information and presentations .

MSC Early Adopters

A number of NHS employing organisations and networks are testing aspects of MSC out as early adopters of elements of the Programme.

Helping Trusts to implement MSC

NHS Employers has produced a checklist to help employers prepare for the next stage of Modernising Scientific Careers:

Contact details

To contact the Modernising Scientific Careers Team:

Modernising Scientific Careers Team
Department of Health
New Kings Beam House
6th Floor
22 Upper Ground
London SE1 9BW

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Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC)

Following the launch of the England Action Plan in spring 2010, MSC is currently being implemented across all SHAs

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