CNO introduces mental health nursing framework

In a video message, Chief Nursing Officer, Christine Beasley introduces the professional framework for mental health nursing in England 2011 -2016.

The professional framework for mental health nursing aims to reinforce nurses’ position at the heart of modern mental health services. Mental health nurses are key to delivering the six shared objectives set out in the mental health outcomes strategy No health without mental health.

The evaluation of the CNO Review of mental health nursing has shown that much progress has been made by nurses over the past few years in modernising and improving the safety and quality of care for service users.

The profession of mental health nursing has been key to transforming mental health services in England, shifting care away from large psychiatric hospitals to home and community based facilities. Mental health nurses have been at the forefront of changes and improvements in the provision of mental health services. These improvements include early intervention, assertive outreach and home treatment, access to psychological therapies and recovery focused practice.

There is more to do, not least to reduce variations in service delivery and to make services accessible to all who need them. As well as continuing to improve services for those with mental illness mental health nurses must set their sights higher and develop the knowledge skills and attitudes to work with individuals and communities to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the population.

The professional framework for mental health nursing will reinforce the values outlined in the CNO review and will renew the ambition set out to improve outcomes for service users and create a positive modern profession.

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  1. Abir Moaso says:

    Glad that mental health nurses contribution is acknowledged!
    Looking forward to the review. Well done Christine Beasley.

  2. really great information, thank you for helping us.

  3. Shane says:

    Thanks for this information. I will not hesitate to refer the sites to any person who would need guidelines on this topic.

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