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Transforming Community Services

Community services provide essential care to many people, families and communities, from health promotion to end of life care. This care is provided in many settings, at critical points in people’s lives, and often to those in vulnerable situations.

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Demonstrating and Measuring Achievement: Community Indicators for Quality Improvement

The Community Indicators for Quality improvement aim to help clinicians and frontline services to measure and monitor quality improvement, by indicating where change is needed and to demonstrate what high quality personalised care looks like

Transforming community services transformational guides

The six transforming community service transformational guides were co-produced with clinicians. They utilise up to date evidence-based research from the Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), and experiential knowledge from clinical innovation in practice. The guides relate to 6 key specific areas of practice, namely: health and well being; children, young people and families; acute care closer to home; long term conditions; rehabilitation and end of life care.

Allied health professional referral to treatment guide

This guide will support NHS AHP services to measure the time that patients wait to access patient NHS AHP services, which includes mental health and learning disabilities. The guide is aimed at improving patients’ experience of NHS AHP services, reduce the time they wait for treatment and enable the delivery of productive, innovative, quality NHS AHP services.

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