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Personal health budgets

Personal health budgets can be seen as part of a wider drive to personalise public services, which dates back to the 1970s and the campaign by disability groups for people to be allowed to control their own funding. A pilot involving around half the primary care trusts in England is currently underway, testing out personal health budgets in the NHS.

A personal health budget allows people to have more choice, flexibility and control over the health services and care they receive. At the heart of a personal health budget is a care plan, the agreement between the primary care trust and the individual that sets out the person’s health needs, the amount of money available to meet those needs and how this money will be spent.

This section has news and information about personal health budgets, and links to other websites where you can find out more.

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The personal health budgets team is working with a wide range of people to develop the programme. We want to hear from anyone who would like to share their experiences in this area and get involved. You can get in touch via the mailbox:

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Visit our online Learning Network for people involved in the pilots, and anyone who is interested in contributing to the development of personal health budgets.

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