The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA)
is a National Health Service (NHS) special health authority, established to improve the availability, capacity and effectiveness of drug treatment in England. We aim to help people overcome their addiction and regain their lives.

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More young people are beating drug and alcohol problems

MORE young people are overcoming their problems with drug and alcohol misuse than ever before, according to the latest statistics for England released today (8/12/11).

75% (10,507) of under-18s leaving drug and alcohol services last year successfully completed their programmes, compared to 48% (4,105) five years ago.

The rise shows that young people are increasingly responding to specialist treatment before problematic drug and alcohol habits become entrenched. 

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Building recovery in communities

The Building Recovery in Communities consultation generated over 280 responses from a wide range of individuals and organisations, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed. Your responses will help shape the new recovery-oriented framework document that we will be developing with the Department of Health (DH) and other government partners in the coming months.

Meanwhile, DH and the Inter-Ministerial Group on Drugs have approved the NTA’s work programme for the transition year 2011-12, while Public Health England is being set up. The actions set out in the accompanying business plan commit the NTA to play a full part in creating an integrated system of recovery that helps people overcome their dependence for good, increases access to treatment, and reduces the harm that addiction causes to our communities.

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