Patient and Public Involvement

The Policy Research Programme (PRP) is committed to Patient and Public Involvement (PPI).

Patient and Public Involvement means that the individuals and groups concerned are active participants in the research process, rather than simply the subjects of research.

The PRP uses a number of mechanisms, such as lay review, lay commissioning panel membership and focus groups, to promote effective and appropriate PPI in the Department’s research and policy-making activities.  

The PRP makes every possible attempt to include PPI both when commissioning new research, when evaluating research outputs and, importantly, when planning dissemination. We strongly encourage applicants and researchers receiving PRP funding to engage patients, service users/carers and the public at all stages of their research. Applicants should note that the extent and nature of PPI in their project may be a criterion in the assessment process.

The PRP works with other research partners such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and INVOLVE to promote PPI best practice in all stages of the PRP funding and research process.

For further information on PRP Patient and Public Involvement, please email:

NIHR (opens new window)

INVOLVE (opens new window)

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