Webchat on the Government’s response to the Dilnot Commission report

On Tuesday 5th July David Behan hosted a webchat about the Government’s response to the Dilnot Commission’s report on the future funding of care and support.

This presented a unique opportunity for people to discuss, with a senior government official, questions they had relating to the Government’s initial response and contribute to a discussion on the Government’s long term plans for reform of the social care system.

The full webchat can be seen below.

*The transcript of this webchat has been temporarily removed in order to prevent unsolicited pop-up advertising appearing. We will re-publish the transcript soon.

Update: 12th July – David Behan has provided responses to questions raised in the webchat last week that he didn’t manage to cover in the hour’s session. Some questions raised similar points so have been grouped together, or were covered in the response to an earlier question.

Read David Behan’s responses to questions asked in the webchat (pdf).

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3 Responses to Webchat on the Government’s response to the Dilnot Commission report

  1. Algar Goredema-Braid says:

    Given the recent recommendations of the NHS Future Forum are likely to result in more costly bureaucracy and that the Dilnot Commission Report is looking like it may be kicked into the long grass for fear of cost, what is David’s view on the need to increase the proportion of GDP the Government has allocated to healthcare spending or, is the only truly rational solution in effective commissioning using fully merged health and social care budgets as well as tackling the waste in duplication and cost variations?

  2. Melanie Henwood says:

    The Dilnot Commission recommends establishing “a clearer more objective eligibility framework and portable assessments” with a national eligibility threshold. It also recommends developing a new assessment measure with experts in the field. I think it is really important to draw on earlier work that has already been carried out in this area, not least the 2008 report from CSCI following its natiional review of eligibility criteria. CSCI identified many key issues which are highly relevant particularly around addressing the prevention and inclusion agendas and the need to ensure that any assessment model is sufficiently responsive to people with long term and fluctuating conditions. Can David give assurance that the CSCI review will be taken into account in any development of a new assessment and eligibility framework?

  3. Departmentofhealth says:

    It was great to see so many questions coming in during the webchat last week. David Behan has tried to answer all the questions that weren’t covered in the hour, other than those that were duplicates or very similar to other points raised.

    Go to: https://www.wp.dh.gov.uk/davidbehan/files/2011/06/webchat_responses.pdf

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