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Get help NOW to stop smoking

Want to stop smoking? Find out practical, quick and simple steps you can take NOW to quit successfully.

10 health benefits of stopping smoking

Quit smoking and you'll be healthier, your skin will look better and you'll have better sex.

Stop smoking without putting on weight

Most people put on weight when they quit smoking, but you can take steps to prevent piling on the pounds.

How your GP can help you quit

Dr Michael Apple explains what GPs can do to help patients quit smoking, hopefully for good.

Key times to quit smoking

Seven key life events that are a great motivation to quit for good including going into hospital and becoming a grandparent.

Stop smoking: coping with cravings

Control your cigarette cravings with self help tips and stop smoking treatments.

Video: lung cancer

Peter, 42, talks about the symptoms that led to his diagnosis, his treatment and the support he received.

Self-help tips to help you stop smoking

Some small changes to your lifestyle may help you resist the temptation to light up.

Stop smoking: track your progress

Track your stop-smoking progress with our Quit Smoking iPhone app and desktop widget.

Quit making excuses

The seven top excuses smokers use to avoid stopping smoking, and how to overcome them.

'How I quit smoking'

Justine Speller, a gardener from London, quit cigarettes with the help of an NHS stop-smoking group.

Ask the GP: smoking Q&A

Does smoking cause indigestion? How does it affect the heart? Why is it hard to stop? A GP explains

Under-18s guide to quitting

Seven reasons for teen smokers to quit, and eight ways to help yourself through it.

Paan, bidi and shisha

Paan, bidi and shisha all have health risks. Get help quitting in Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Gujarati.

Quit smoking to boost health

After 15 years of not smoking, your risk of having a heart attack is the same as if you’d never smoked at all.

Quit smoking during Ramadan

Ramadan is a great opportunity to start some healthy habits and get rid of some bad ones, like smoking.


Quit smoking iPhone app

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Download quit smoking iPhone app

Lung cancer: are you at risk?

The facts about lung cancer, including how to tell if you're at risk, even if you don't smoke, and what you can do to prevent the disease

Lung cancer myths and facts

We separate the fact from the fiction about lung cancer and its link with smoking and other risk factors.

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Get support quitting

NHS Smokefree offers different services and support to help you stop smoking.

Quitting smoking after having a baby

Stopping smoking is important for your health and the health of your family. Get some tips and find out where to find support.

Stop smoking in pregnancy

Find out how smoking affects your baby when you're pregnant, and the support available to help you stop.

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