Bloggers at the Department of Health

Health conversations is a place for staff and ministers to share their personal experiences, ideas and information on the work of the Department. The blogs are personal and attributed – they are all written by named authors. They are also part of wider conversations – our bloggers will read and respond to your comments.

Our blogs are fully integrated with other things we’re doing. Some are written for very specific audiences and some on the broad themes of our work.

David Behan

David is the director general of social care, local government and care partnerships. Go to David Behan’s blog to watch videos and sign up to take part in regular webchats.

Alistair Burns

Alistair is the national clinical director for dementia for England. Go to Alistair Burns’ video blog which sits within the dementia portal, and covers all the latest news and information on the topic.

Kate Billingham

Kate is the project director for the family nurse partnership programme in England. Go to Kate Biillingham’s blog which she uses to share learning and stimulate discussion about practice and key issues.

Stephen Hale

Stephen is the head of digital communications at the Department. Go to Stephen Hale’s blog where he talks about all things digital, and our efforts to make it integral to the way the Department works.

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