How we are organised

The Department comprises a number of directorates and is supported by various boards and committees. This is how it is currently organised:

Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate

  • is led by Dame Christine Beasley CBE
  • delivers on the Department’s health and social care agenda, leading on reducing healthcare associated infections, policies to improve health and welfare outcomes and modernising nursing careers

Commissioning Development Directorate

  • is led by Dame Barbara Hakin OBE
  • leads on patient experience, innovation and commissioning to drive improvements in patient outcomes

Communications Directorate

  • is led by the Director of Communications. Sam Lister has been appointed to the post
  • is responsible for strategy and delivery of communications and engagement in all forms with the public, staff, media and stakeholders

Corporate Development Directorate

  • is led by Flora Goldhill CBE
  • delivers the Department’s internal operations functions, driving efficiencies and improvements

Health Improvement and Protection Directorate

  • is led by Professor David R Harper CBE
  • is at the heart of the Department’s public health work on illness prevention, lifestyle diseases, immunisation and pandemics

Informatics Directorate – Connecting for Health

  • is led by Katie Davis
  • supports the NHS to deliver better, safer care to patients through improved IT systems and services

NHS Finance, Performance and Operations Directorate

  • is led by David Flory CBE
  • includes work on recovery and support, NHS financial strategy, NHS financial control, Financially Challenged Trusts programme and NHS capital strategy

NHS Medical Directorate

  • is led by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh CBE
  • engages with the health service through strategic policies and strategies to drive improvements in patient care

Policy, Strategy and Finance Directorate

  • is led by Richard Douglas CB
  • is responsible for DH-wide policy, financial planning  and strategy development

Provider Development Directorate

  • is led by Ian Dalton CBE
  • leads on development of the provider landscape and delivery of the Foundation Trust pipeline, giving patients a choice of high quality providers, whether they be sustainable autonomous NHS providers or new providers such as social enterprises or the independent sector

Research and Development Directorate

  • is led by Professor Dame Sally Davies
  • provides the evidence base for policy development, evaluation of policy implementation and supports research into the needs of patients and the public

Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships Directorate

  • is led by David Behan CBE
  • works to make sure everyone has fair access to the full range of care and support services they need now and will need in the future

Workforce Directorate

  • is led by Jan Sobieraj
  • is responsible for all human resource matters, business plans and structures to help drive productivity and improvement to the working environment in the health and social care sector

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