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The evolving DH web presence

We’re changing the way we communicate online at the Department of Health. These pages showcase guidance, policy and examples of our work for staff and our partners, and anyone else who’s interested.

Digital communications strategy 2011

The DH digital communication strategy is focussed on 3 things for 2011: doing the basics well putting most effort into things that matter most removing the novelty from doing brilliant digital communication You can read the blog version of the … Read more → – Digital communications strategy 2011

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Comments on

We encourage and welcome open, lively debate, but the decision to publish comments received via this site remains at our discretion. The views expressed by any third parties are solely theirs and are not necessarily endorsed by the Department. Moderation … Read more → – Comments on

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DH Twitter policy

The Department of Health Twitter account (DHgovuk) is managed by the digital communication team, on behalf of colleagues across the Department. Content Our followers can expect about 30 tweets a week, although we may tweet more often when there’s a … Read more → – DH Twitter policy

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Blogging guidance

Before reading this please refer to the official attributed digital content policy. What is a blog? A blog is a simple and informal personal online journal that allows readers to add their own comments. Standard characteristics, features and functions: Entries … Read more → – Blogging guidance

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Official attributed content policy

1. The Department of Health supports staff who publish attributed official digital content, where it can help deliver policy and communications objectives. Context 2. There has been a massive growth in the social web in recent years – people are … Read more → – Official attributed content policy

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