We have now closed the Maps and Apps project to new entries. We received almost 500 entries, as well as thousands of votes and comments. We would like to thank all those who contributed.

We want to keep the Maps and Apps conversation going, so you can still read and review all the entries and you can share your thoughts and comments on the blog.

We’ll be showcasing the most popular ideas, as well as those selected by our panel of judges.

Check back here soon to read about their favourites.


Maps and Apps Showcase: UniversalDoctor Speaker

Outline: An app which allows the user to communicate with medical staff in languages other than english. Status: Currently available. Feedback score: 6 Rank: #201   Website: http://itunes.apple.com

Maps and Apps Showcase: Brain Injury Group

Outline: A website which offers support to families of people who have suffered serious brain injuries. Status: Currently available. Feedback score: 5 Rank: #233 Website: http://www.braininjurygroup.org.uk

Maps and Apps Showcase: Kinesis GP Referrals

Outline: An online tool that enables GPs to liaise with a consultant if they have queries about a patient. Status: Currently available. Feedback score: 14 Rank: #87 Website: http://www.cloud2.co.uk/solutions/kinesis/

Maps and Apps Showcase: Vasculitis Webinar

Outline: A series of online seminars delivered by The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation with a guest panel of vasculitis specialists. Status: Currently available. Feedback score: 20 Rank: #56 Website: http://www.thelaurencurrietwilightfoundation.org

Maps and Apps Showcase: Thrombosis Guidelines

Outline: Guidelines for the prevention and management of thrombosis, plus management of anticoagulation. Status: Currently available. Feedback score: 17 Rank: #73 Website: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/thrombosis-guidelines/id448736238?mt=8