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A full transcript of the webchat with David and Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, that took place on Tuesday 29 November can be found below.

David and Andrew listened to the views, and responded to questions from mental health service users on the reform of the system, as well as those who work in mental health services.

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  1. rose says:

    unfortunately when the facts are personal to you then there seems little hope for the future of mental helath equality. i was an employee of an organisation that has supported housing units in UK. These people are meant to be fully trained and have plenty of knowledge in mental health matters..meant to so they can help the clients they are receiving all that funding for! I was unfairly dismissed and had a hate campaign set up against me after being honest with the managers and disclosing my mental health condition. This was after having worked for seven years and fulfilling all codes of conduct and necessary professional guidelines to manage my role.its hopeless in my mind

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