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The Agency identifies and responds to health hazards and emergencies caused by infectious disease, hazardous chemicals, poisons or radiation.

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HPA Annual Report & Accounts 2010-2011

 The Health Protection Agency’s eighth annual report and accounts.

›› HPA Annual Report & Accounts 2010-2011

Infections among injecting drug users

Injecting Drug Users are vulnerable to a diverse range of infectious and communicable diseases. The HPA conducts an unlinked anonymous survey of HIV and Hepatitis in Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) to measure the changing prevalence of infections in this at risk group.

›› Infections among injecting drug users


There is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to radiofrequency signals from Wi-Fi adversely affect the health of the general population. Exposures are well below international guideline levels and as such there is no reason why schools and others should not use Wi-Fi equipment.

›› WiFi

What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy uses high-energy ionising radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, electrons, neutrons, protons and other sources to cure or relieve symptoms of cancer and reduce the chance of cancer returning after surgery.

›› What is radiotherapy?