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Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act became law on 01 January 2005.

For details of the Freedom of Information Act, its requirements and its purpose, please see the Information Commissioner's website at This provides some background information, introductory guides in plain English, and details of the standards required by FOI.

If you would like to know more about the campaigning which led to the introduction of the FOI Act, please see the website of the Campaign for Freedom of Information at

Publication scheme

Details of information available is listed in a table, in our publication scheme. This also tells you where the information is available.

Please click on the link below if you would like to know about the standards which apply to our publication scheme:
Publication Scheme requirements

Making a request for information

If you would like to make a request for information, please read this guidance document Making A Request for Information This explains where you need to send your request, what you need to send, and what we will do when we receive your request.

How we deal with requests

Requests are dealt with in accordance with the timescales of the FOI Act or other relevant legislation. This timescale flowchart shows the process and the relevant timescales.
timescale flowchart (PDF, 12 KB)

Guidance on recognising and dealing with information requests is provided to all staff through the following documents:

Dealing with requests for information (PDF, 38 KB)

Dealing with requests for information flowchart (PDF, 47 KB)

Health Protection Agency Information Charter

Information about how we'll protect your personal information, and how you can find out more about our data protection processes.

Information charter (PDF, 35 KB)

Further information

If you have any further queries about Freedom of Information or other information access issues, please contact the HPA Freedom of Information Officer.

Freedom of Information Officer
Corporate Affairs
Health Protection Agency Colindale
61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5EQ

Tel. 44 (0)20 8327 6920
Fax 44 (0)20 8327 6007