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The information service for careers in the NHS in England.

The National Health Service offers a huge range of exciting and challenging opportunities for people who are passionate about making a difference. With more than 300 different careers on offer, there is a job for you no matter what your interests, skills or qualifications.

Further information is available if you’re interested in working or studying elsewhere in the UK.

If you are a healthcare professional from outside of the UK, please see our information for international healthcare professionals.

Working in the NHS

Health professional

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Real life stories


Many people don’t realise what being a midwife involves. Melvin Wilkinson's Story...

It's good to talk

Psychological therapist

Mental health problems affect one in four of us at some time in our lives. As well as being a major cause of distress for individuals and their families, mental ill health is the largest single cause of disability in our society and costs the English economy around £105 billion a year..
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Crisis at Christmas

Crisis at Christmas

The experience of sleeping on the streets or in substandard accommodation can be damaging both mentally and physically, especially during the cold weather around Christmas
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