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UK Border Agency seizes hallucinogenic drug sent in post

08 October 2010

A dangerous hallucinogenic drug has been stopped from reaching the UK's streets by UK Border Agency officers based at a major postal sorting office in Coventy.

Fifteen separate packages of DMT (also known as dimethyltryptamine), weighing over 125kg in total and worth around £13 million, have been seized in the past few months. The parcels were sent from countries in South America and were destined for addresses across the UK.

Local police forces are now taking forward investigations.

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said:

'DMT is very dangerous. which is why it is banned as a Class A drug.

'As I saw in Latin America recently, I know that our drive to tackle drugs doesn't stop at the border. Police and border staff are working day in, day out to stop illegal drugs like DMT coming to Britain's streets.'

Chris Bagley, in charge of operations for the UK Border Agency at Coventry International Postal Hub, added:

'We are determined to protect society from activity which can have a destructive impact on local communities and individuals.

'We will continue to prevent drugs being smuggled into the UK and will pass on intelligence to the police and other enforcement agencies to ensure that the smugglers are put behind bars.'

UK Border Agency officers based at the UK's postal hubs use a combination of hi-tech scanning equipment and intelligence to spot drugs, weapons and other contraband being smuggled into the UK through the post.

DMT is a powerful hallucinogenic drug and its effects can come on rapidly and can be very intense. Users report unpleasant emotional effects lasting for days, and people with mental health problems can be particularly vulnerable to its negative effects.