Patient Safety Leaders' programme (PSL)

The primary aim of the programme is to increase patient safety improvement capability.  PSL is appropriate to those who want to lead safety improvement at all levels of an organisation by supporting PSLs to understand how they can help to reduce harm.
Why embark on the Patient Safety Leaders' programme?
Participants often find themselves working across organisational boundaries, managing strategic safety agendas and responding to patient safety events. As such there is a crucial networking ethos during PSL whereby you will share experiences to build confidence and offer new ways to develop safer practices in your own workplace.

"I was always scared of measurement for improvement before coming on the PSL course.  I realise now that measurement and SPC is fairly easy and really helps you know when a change is an improvement.  The management team at my trust would really benefit from the training as there seems to be a lack of general skills in this area."


What the PSL programme provides

The programme provides practical guidance on:

  • safety improvement tools
  • safety improvement techniques

to deliver and measure safety improvement projects.

Presentations about risk and reliability are delivered by improvement science specialists and followed by interactive discussion around topical safety issues faced by organisations.

It demonstrates that using small tests of change with well defined aims and objectives can have a dramatic impact on improving patient safety.

Additional PSL programme information

The PSL consists of a module carrying 30 postgraduate (Level 7) credits which will equip you with the underpinning knowledge, tools and techniques required to manage a patient safety improvement project in the workplace.

The learning format is very ‘hands-on’ and you will progress through the phases of an improvement project which you and your organisation have identified. The core philosophy is the implementation of the Model for Improvement for patient safety.

The module incorporates patient safety good practice with improvement methodology and practical skills such as measurement for improvement. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on successfully working within organisational and professional spheres, helping you to understand change culture and implementation of safety initiatives.

The PSL module includes a series of residential face-to-face components. During these you will experience workshops, lectures and practical activities that demonstrate theoretical learning points. There is a strong emphasis on helping you translate learning points to your workplace experience and as such many of the activities are reflective in their nature.

In addition to the residential elements, you will interact during web-based seminars during which keynote presentations are coupled with interactive discussions.

The time allocated to study on this module equates to 300 hours incorporating the face-to-face elements and personal study time. Assessment is though a portfolio and a presentation.

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Patient safety leaders at George Eliot Hospital

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