Leading improvement in safety and quality

Giving you new skills and tools to understand and improve patient safety in your practice Leading Improvement in Safety and Quality (LISQ) is a training course to help you understand, measure and improve patient safety.  It takes a refreshing new approach to patient safety. 

Through a series of modules, it will give you the skills and confidence necessary to achieve sustained reductions in patient harm and drive forward improvement within your practice. The improvement tools you learn will benefit quality as well as safety in the practice.

Short videos introducing some of the methods taught on the LISQ programme

Why attend?

Revalidation, accreditation, registration, QOF - they're all making patient safety the top priority for many practices.  But how confident are you that you can simply and successfully improve it?

We all care about protecting our patients from harm.  But it can be frustrating trying to improve many of the safety problems we detect using Significant Event Analysis, patient complaints, etc.  LISQ is a training programme for general practice.  It will give you:

  • new tools to detect everyday safety problems you can do something about
  • fresh insight into the causes of errors and adverse events
  • skills to redesign key aspects of your care, to improve safety, reliability and quality 
  • confidence to tackle the complex job of improving general practice.

LISQ helps you obtain a true picture of quality and patient safety in your practice and take a fresh look at opportunities to improve. You will develop your skills in leading successful and sustainable changes to improve culture, teamwork, communication, patient involvement, systems and processes. This is an ideal programme for practices and clinical commissioning groups looking to improve quality and outcomes that go beyond regulation and strive for excellence.

Who should attend?

The programme builds the passion, skills and confidence of staff within your practice.  It is intended for GPs, practice managers, lead practice nurses and CCG/federation quality leads. 

What does the programme involve?

LISQ is a practical, challenging and fun programme which includes five training days over six months and practical coaching through your own improvement project.

Below is an overview of what the programme covers: 

Day 1 - Diagnose

360 degree practice appraisal.
Human error.
Why is excellence hard?
Guideline violation.

Day 2 - Plan and implement

Designing better solutions.
Planning and communcating strategy.
The Model for Improvement.
Measuring variation.
Measuring improvement.

Day 3 - Work smarter

Strealining processes.
Improving reliability.
Reducing waste.

Day 4 - Work happier

Engaging patients.
Improving satisfaction.
Motivating and incentivising.

Day 5 - Share

Becoming a learning organisation.
Spreading innovation.


The modules are taught and facilitated by GPs and other clinicians from the NHS Institute’s Safer Care faculty and involve a combination of teaching, group discussion, reflection and practical exercises. Throughout the programme, you will be working to develop and refine your own patient safety improvement plan, with the support of the faculty.

Practices who wish to participate need to commit to attend all of the modules to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the programme.  

What participants have said about LISQ
“We’re finally turning good ideas into actual benefits for patients”

“Why didn’t someone show me this years ago?”

“I can recommend this course to everyone...because all the processes that we encounter in general practice can be made more efficient – if we make them more efficient we will not only make them more productive, we will be safer”

How much does it cost? 

To attend the national LISQ programme costs between £600 and £700 per individual for NHS organisations (including GP practices) and between £1,250 and £1,750 per individual for non-NHS organisations.  These costs do not include travel or accommmodation.  The exact cost will depend on the venue.

How do I sign up?

The next national LISQ programme is planned to commence in February 2012.  To express your interest in participating, email us at safer.care@institute.nhs.uk by 23 December 2011.