BaSIS: Building Safety Improvement Skills

BaSIS is a package of interventions designed to enable junior doctors to become a force for safe practice by:
  • Giving them the skills they need to be safe
  • Empowering them to make improvements within their Trust
What does BaSIS consist of?
  1. 2 day action learning programme on safety improvement followed by an assessment day 8-weeks later on completion of improvement project
  2. Safety improvement project led by FY doctors
  3. Mentors to support the safety improvement projects
  4. How to guides to support programme
  5. Forums on harm
  6. Prompts for Trusts to consider how they engage and support junior doctors in safety improvement.

A5 Building Safety Imp Skills-AW Click here for the BaSIS introduction booklet (957.60 KB).

BaSIS 'How To' guides

A5 How to be effective safety mentor-AW A5 How to be effective safety mentor-AW (834.67 KB)

A5 How to be safer doctors-AW A5 How to be safer doctors-AW (1.11 MB)

A5 How to run a forum reduce patient harm-AW A5 How to run a forum reduce patient harm-AW (469.42 KB)

A5 How to run a Safety Imp Project-AW A5 How to run a Safety Imp Project-AW (1022.06 KB)

Delegates' library

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