Improving patient safety in community hospitals
Community hospitals and intermediate care facilities are an increasingly important part of modern care in the NHS.

Staff in these units are providing ever more complex care to growing numbers of patients. Yet little is known about the safety care in this setting, such as:

  • how many patients come to harm?
  • what are the common areas of harm?
  • are we improving?

Trigger Tools - a key metric of harm

Trigger tools provide a method for detecting and measuring actual patient harm using rapid structured casenote review.  They bring casenote review, a gold standard for detecting adverse events, into the real world where time is limited but we still need reliable information about incident rates.

TT-CH Development programme

Trigger Tool development

Download flyer for the development programmeWe are developing a Trigger Tool for community hospitals, using rapid structured casenote review to detect and measure adverse events more reliably than is currently possible.

Trusts interested in joining the Development Programme are advised to confirm that they wish to make this a priority for the next 12 months, to identify the staff they would send to be trained in using the Trigger Tool, and to ensure adequate time will be available to use the Tool.

More information

Please email Robert Varnam if you would like more information about joining this programme.