Immigration and passports

Passports information.

We secure the UK border and control immigration. We consider applications for permission to enter and stay in the UK, and we issue passports and visas.

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Passport, immigration and visa applications

Securing our borders

We aim to improve the migration system to commands public confidence and serve our economic interests. We are working to:

  • limit non-EU economic migrants
  • introduce new measures to reduce inflow
  • minimise abuse of all migration routes, for example the student route

We aim to process asylum applications more quickly and end the detention of children for immigration purposes.

Information for applicants, visa applications and policy and legal information is available on the UK Border Agency website. 

Immigration reforms

Immigration minister Damian Green answers questions about immigration reforms - watch Damian Green on YouTube.


The Identity and Passport Service provides accurate and secure records of key events and trusted passport operations. We:

  • provide passport services for British nationals living in the UK
  • work with the the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to provide passort services to British nationals living
  • administer civil registration in England and Wales

More information about these services is available on the Identity and Passport Service website.