Agencies and public bodies

The Home Office includes agencies, non-departmental public bodies and inspectorates.

Our agencies

Home Office agencies provide directly managed frontline services from within the Home Office.

  • Criminal Records Bureau helps organisations verify whether job applicants are suitable to work with children or other vulnerable people by checking their criminal backgrounds 
  • Identity and Passport Service issues UK passports and administers the civil registration process in England and Wales
  • National Fraud Authority works with the counter-fraud community to make fraud more difficult to commit in and against the UK 
  • UK Border Agency stengthens our borders, makes fast-track asylum decisions, ensures and enforces compliance with our immigration laws and ensures Britain is easy to visit legally

Public bodies

Non-departmental public bodies (NDPB) carry out functions on behalf of the government but operate independently of their sponsoring department, ensuring they focus on their own objectives and make unbiased recommendations and decisions. 

All Home Office NDPBs are listed below. Some public bodies have sections on this website, and some have separate websites - the links to their websites are followed by (new window).