2011 Tilley awards

The Tilley awards recognise innovative crime fighting projects where police, community groups and the public successfully work together to identify and tackle local crime problems.

Voting now closed for Tilley award winners

New to the Tilley awards 2011, the popularity vote aims to raise the profile of the effective practice in problem-solving demonstrated by the national finalists. Voting is now closed for the 2011 awards, but you can still read about the national finalists and certificate of merit nominations.

Changes to the 2011 award scheme

We have made a number of changes to this year’s scheme:

  • we have introduced two phases, with applications to be submitted under certain themes (further information is below)
  • we have stopped the practice of regional winners going forward to the national finals
  • we have updated the application form and issued guidance to help complete the form

Phases and themes

The 2011 competition invited applications from projects that could demonstrate they have successfully tackled crime within two phases which deal with specific themes.

Phase one covers the following themes:

  • antisocial behaviour
  • violence against women and girls
  • acquisitive crime 
  • drug and alcohol-related crime
  • criminal damage/arson

The deadline for submitting entries for phase one was 13 June 2011.

Phase two covers the following themes:

  • seasonal crime
  • community activism/community engagement
  • design-out crime
  • projects led by non-police agencies
  • other crime types category

The deadline for submitting entries for phase two was 5 September 2011.

Award ceremony

An award ceremony will be held in London at the end of the year to recognise the achievements of national finalists and to announce the overall top three entries received in this year’s competition.

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