Prepare is the workstream of the counter-terrorism strategy that aims mitigate the impact of a terrorist incident where it cannot be stopped.

This includes work to bring a terrorist attack to an end, and to recover from its aftermath. 

Preparing for an emergency

Prepare is based upon a generic approach to emergency preparedness that focuses on consequence management common to a wide range of emergencies, including terrorism.

Regional responders will continue to play an important role in delivering emergency preparedness.

Work in this area has been refocused following changes to the threat picture.

We are enhancing the firearms capabilities of police armed units and the emergency services more broadly to take account of a Mumbai style terrorist attack. 

Objectives of Prepare

In 2011-2015 we want to:

  • continue to build generic capabilities to respond to and recover from a wide range of terrorist and other civil emergencies
  • improve preparedness for the highest impact risks in the National Risk Assessment
  • improve the ability of the emergency services to work together during a terrorist attack
  • enhance communications and information sharing for terrorist attacks 

Further information

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