Import and export licences

Companies are now required to apply for imports or exports of controlled drugs and precursor chemicals via the National Drug control System (NDS) Applications submitted from 15 November 2010 are subject to Fees

Apply for a domestic licence

A company or other organisation that intends to import or export a controlled drugs and precursor chemicals will need the relevant domestic licence before they can apply for an import/export licence. They will also need a National Drugs control System account to apply for any import/export licences.

See the Controlled drug domestic licences section for more information and an application form.

Apply for an import or export licence

See the National Drugs control System section for more information and how to apply for an account.

All companies are now required to apply for import and export licences using NDS. Paper licences are no longer accepted by the Home Office.

Export Declaration

Companies holding blanket export licences should then complete an export declaration form immediately following each shipment. This should be sent to our contact address.

Download the export declaration form.

HM Revenue and Customs

Without the appropriate licences goods could be seized by HM Revenue and Customs. For more information visit the HM Revenue and Customs website

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