Controlled drug domestic licences

Companies and individuals need to apply for Home Office domestic licences if they wish to produce, supply or possess controlled drugs. Applications submitted from 15 November 2010 are subject to Fees

What is a controlled drug?

  • Controlled drugs List - updated October 2010
  • Drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs legislation are grouped in schedules. Anyone intending to produce, supply or possess a controlled drug must apply for the relevant schedule licence. Please note, the controlled drug list is not exhaustive, but contains the most commonly used controlled drugs

Applying for a domestic licence

  • All Applicants named on the application form must also obtain an enchanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). Those applying to alter the conditions of an existing licence will also need to provide a CRB enchanced disclosure for each individual named on the application form.

Industrial Hemp

Please view the hemp grower's notes and frequently asked questions which provides information on the licensing process for low THC cannabis. This information is intended for existing licensees and prospective growers who need to apply for a licence.

Licence Forms

  • Company licences - any company or other organisation intending to produce, supply or possess a controlled drug will need a Home Office domestic licence.
  • Doctors licences - doctors approved by the Department of Health to prescribe cocaine, diamorphine and dipipanone to addicts no longer need to apply for individual Home Office licences.  

Please note: doctors no longer require handwriting exemptions certificates to issue computer generated prescriptions. 

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